The Jekyll theme for government

Harness the power of static websites for government applications with Stately, an open source theme for Jekyll made for government agencies.

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Get started in minutes:

  1. Use the Ruby Gem to add Stately as your Jekyll site’s theme
  2. Configure Stately for your needs
  3. Add your content (view Jekyll docs)
  4. Publish your site (view Jekyll docs)

The what for what?

Stately is a theme built for Jekyll, a static website generator. Jekyll allows you to transform plain text files into websites that can be hosted in a variety of ways, including for free on GitHub pages. Stately’s feature set, design patterns, and visual aesthetic, are geared toward goverment applications, but can be used for any purpose a static site may serve. Stately is open source, distributed by an MIT license, and can be contributed to on GitHub.

  • Light weight, mobile-first, responsive design.
  • Layouts for landing pages, sub pages, and blog posts
  • UI components for downloads, forms, buttons
  • Emojis (useful for flags :us: :jp: :uk: :de: and other symbols)
  • Open source icons from Iconic
  • Built on GitHub’s open source Primer CSS library

Learn more about this project

Beautiful templates and components for Government websites

Stately includes mobile-friendly page templates for landing pages, sub pages, blogs, and documentation. Use any combination of UI components (or build your own) to customize the pages on your site.